A little ABOUT ME

30NOV2022; 1311, MON

When I play 21 Q's with my personal list and then have to describe myself in three words, I invariably choose the following: 1.) Steadfast; 2.) Egalitarian; and 3.) Philosopher. A bonus word that I'd Love to hear at my funeral (many moons from now) is Revolutionary.


That being the case, why not attempt to start, "a peaceful Revolution"? To reference the late, great President JFK (John F. Kennedy), of course. What better way than to give a full spectrum effort at ending the Vet suicide crisis?


Why not take the time and energy to spread empowerment, enlightenment, and encouragement? Every so called Army brat deserves to be blessed with a household, encompassing the previous trio of E's; IMHO (In My Humble Opinion). Enter nonprofits.


I will be donating a portion of all sales (past, present, future) to 501c3 orgs. No less than 4% will be given freely to Warfighter Advance; F3 Nation; Team RWB; Flanders Fields; etc. To say that they all helped me tremendously would be a detrimental understatement at best.


Thirty three trillion (33T [33,000,000,000,000]) thanks in advance to any and all for even the most minimal monies spent in support of this campaign. We will have an incredulously more peaceful, productive, and positive society if/when my vision becomes a reality. As the headline states, "Stay dangerous, Free, & blessed!"